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Porto Cesareo

Porto Cesareo is located between Taranto and Gallipoli. Originally it was the old "Portus Susiane", today it is one of the most charming locations on the coast of Salento thanks to its "natural harbor".
The beaches of white and soft sand, which are as good as the exotic paradises, stretch for 17 km, face an archipelago of green islands mirrored in a crystal clear sea.
The marina, extended over a large area with various central quays, is separate from that one of the fishermen.
A station of ecology and marine biology and a museum with local marine species and exotic shells should be visited.
The town faces the island “Grande”, also called the “Island of Rabbits”.
The island is located less than 1 km from the mainland, separated from it by a stretch of sea which has a maximum depth of 1.3 meters, in parallel to the coast, it is about 1 km long, almost 400 meters wide, with a maximum height of 4 meters above the sea level.

You can easily arrange a boat ride with one of the local fishermen.

A series of underwater routes have been set up to allow you to admire ravines, natural caves and the characteristic fauna like "spinga Geodia".
Visiting these places you will hear about the "Immortal Jellyfish". This is not a legend, in fact, some biologists have recently discovered along the coasts of the protected area of Porto Cesareo, the only body in the world which is able to reach maturity and becomes young again, thus avoiding death. 

Porto Cesareo offers many recreational activities: water sports and fishing for those people who choose the sea, while there are cinema, art galleries and the Fish Museum with rare fish species for those who prefer mainland activities.
Furthermore several fish shops of the town center offer a wide variety of fish: sea bream, scorpion fish, octopus, sole, mullet.
For those who decide to stay in Porto Cesareo during summer ,these are only some of the many activities that can be done there. Having the opportunity to stay in new apartments, fully furnished and equipped with all amenities like Le Case di Potì, located a few meters from the sea, will make your holiday in Salento a unique and relaxing experience.

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